Due to COVID I decided to stop going to the gym even though the gyms are opening up near me. I decided to get some home gym equipment. After staying at home for a long time, I want to exercise my back, because I always play with my mobile phone and iPad at home, which makes my back a little stiff.

Of all the main muscle groups to train, your back is the most anatomically complicated. It’s made up of many different muscles with fibers running in every direction, yet it is maybe the easiest to train as far as programming.

I bought this 11 PCS Resistance Bands mainly do single arm row.These were affordable so wanted to give it a try, they are a decent set of resistance bands. The quality is good, and there is a variety of different resistance to help me with my workouts.

Since these were made of rubber I was kind of wary of any kind of strong chemical smell but did not smell any on these bands and they are soft too. So far I have not had any of these bands break on my which is great and I am hard on them. Overall happy and would recommend.