My daughter loves pancakes and I was super stoked to find these molds to make fun shapes! Just be sure to only put just enough inside as the pancakes do expand. It is really easy to clean the silicone and would be a fun gift for a bridal shower or housewarming party. My toddler loves the little hearts and I enjoy combining the circles to make all sorts of fun characters.
With practice I will get better products. For pancakes, I can get better results with medium heat and only add batter in the middle. For eggs ... I'm still practicing ... but moderately low calories and longer cooking times are essential. Similarly, even with a large amount of cooking spray, I do like uniform small pancakes, I will definitely continue to use it and practice with eggs.
I really like this mold it gave me a lot of flexibility to cook a few different things inside of it. I tried it with pancakes and I tried it with eggs at first. Later as I got more confident I tried it with some patties of turkey meat, it worked great. I’m also very happy with how neat and perfect and uniform the food comes out. This is a great for making everything the same size and portion control not to mention it was a good price.