Versatile, Compact, Lightweight, Sturdy, Affordable

I love this little tablet stand! I got one like this several years ago at a trade-show as a giveaway and used it for a week. Then I showed it to my wife and she liked it so much I gave it to her. So I bought another one for myself.

When closed for travel, the stand easily fits in my briefcase, and the notches are padded and hold the bottom edge of any tablet just fine, since the legs can be splayed to narrow or wide angles. Then the top stick folds up 90º in the middle and then at the main hinge it can be raised to whatever perfect height you need to have a good angle for the back of your tablet. The adjustments have solid detente so it stays completely stable in any position you set and the weight of the heaviest tablet probably wouldn't make it budge either. The sturdiness of the unit we've had for years is on par with the brand new one I bought so I can confirm long-time durability.

This stand is great. I take it with me everywhere my iPad goes. The stand is very compact and portable. When folded, it is small enough to fit with my iPad in a 10.2" net book sleeve. The stand adjusts to every angle you could want for both portrait and landscape use. It's great when resting it on a pillow while lying in bed or for placing on a lap desk. At night, I use this on my night stand to charge the iPad while it displays my night stand app and plays my audio-book. When reading, I put the iPad in this stand and sit and read in landscape mode. When I want to lie down and read, I lock the iPad in portrait mode, put it horizontally in this stand and lie down one my side to read the book 'sideways'. In the kitchen, it it my iPad cookbook stand. I am very happy I bought this. The iPad is stable and safe in the stand. It fits great, even with a clear protective case on the iPad.