After using these for about two weeks I threw out all of our old pot holders but one. "Sentimental value". I purchased these for my wife for a gift. She wasn't excited at first. It only took about two weeks for her to fall in love with them. They are holding up great. Look the same as day one. Now if you do pull a +400° cast iron pan out of the oven it will be hot. You will not get burned, but you can feel some heat.

I have been using these gloves and they are great! The gloves are much heavier and thicker than the normal clinical sterile gloves I use in my work in the medical profession these oven gloves do an excellent job of protecting me from the intense heat of an oven at 450 degrees F! While not easy to slip on they are very easy to clean usually just rubbing them together under running water works but a dish soap can also be used.

These gloves are surprisingly effective shielding the heat from hot pans from the oven. I have, at times, had to hold on to a pan or cooking dish of some kind for a long time before setting it down in which case you can gradually begin to feel the heat penetrating which gives you time to set it down. There has never been an occasion where I have felt any type of surface, metal, ceramic, glass slip or felt unsteady because with gloves your entire hand is protected so you can focus on holding the item with your entire hand or hands, a real sense of security. I no longer use anything else to handle hot items in or out of the oven I still use hot pads to set hot items on but not for my hands.

Anyway, they work great!