Wow! This actually works! These ice cubes are pretty good! The design is awesome! They look absolutely gorgeous, they don't get scratch easily and that matters a lot to me. Rather then using large ice cubes, I wanted a set of either metal or stone ice cubes. These were the PERFECT choice! They are just the right size to fit a few in a glass and since they are stainless steel they are extremely durable. I have seen similar once online but these were the best value for what you get and quality.
You figure you see products like Ice cubes that are stainless steel, you think you are putting steel in your water and mouth! Well that is not the case, it is safe when it comes to the water you drink, but please don’t try to swallow it like it’s a ice cubes, and I would keep it out of your mouth.What I notice works for me is, to put 2 cubes in a drink of your choice, and let it sit for2-3 min and then just remove it.
They get a little slippery if you don't serve them right after you take them out of the freezer, but it's just take some practice.I tried to leave them in the freezer for one full week, then put one ice cube in 8 Oz of water and wait for temperature stabilization. The water dropped from 78 F to 70 F in a couple of minutes, and it stayed under 72 F for around 20 - 25 min.
The cubes initially when I opened the package was cool, which was kinda nice. I used them at a party I held, and everyone thought they were awesome for wine! No extra water, and no more HOT beverage or not cool enough! Very nice and stylish product!