I got this neck fan for my husband who works in a warehouse and it’s gets very hot in the summer. My husband liked so much. It’s very comfortable around the neck and isn’t constraining at all. The fans are adjustable so you can point them however you would like. There are 3 settings low,medium and high . He keeps it on high when working and it works like a charm. He loves that it cools him down when it’s incredibly hot in the warehouse. I am hot nature and I am going to buy one of these for me to keep with me when I feel hot flashes coming on.

As soon we opened the box we get in love with this neck fan. The fans have three speed. Can be adjusted to how you wanted. Comfortable to use. Great for extra breeze doing everything you want to use. Charge fast.

I used it on and off throughout the weekend and never even charged it, just using the out-of-the-box charge. Not only was it great as a neck fat, but it was also great to just have in the table in a stagnant room. This fans is my favorite companion these days.

This is our unbiased experience using this product.  I would definitely recommend this for anyone who needs a cool down!