The privacy in these protectors is great! You really can’t see anything from any angle besides straight on. It is also not too dark like others that make it hard to see your screen in daylight. I hate my screen too bright and with this I usually have my screen set on very low brightness and never have trouble seeing it. I have had its for about 5 months or so and it has never cracked or scratched. It is a shiny material, by flat black.
Privacy screen works very well! The screen goes almost totally black when viewing from either side. I've even had a friend tell me they thought I was staring at my phone while it was off. A tiny bit of light may be visible on either side of the screen if you hold it sideways, but you can't tell while using your phone and it isn't a privacy concern.
I've had privacy screens in the past and didn't like them because it felt like there was a thick screen and made everything darker. This product, however, is amazing! The material is thin and smooth so it's super clean looking and doesn't get in the way. The installation was super quick and easy. The privacy feature is great for my newly remodeled, open workplace.
I absolutely love this screen protector, it really keeps the screen safe. At first I was worried about the dimming the privacy reflection would cause, however my eyes adjusted nicely to it. There is different types of lighting that will make it impossible to see the screen In general, but at least people can’t see the screen.