If you are a chips lover just like me, this is a perfect product for you. This mini bag sealer is a super solution for sealing original packaging back up tightly. You just install the batteries, power the device on, and then slide it slowly across the top of the package. It seals the bag up so tight and tidy. It’s a time saver for sure. There’s no more looking around for a chip clip or new storage method. I especially like this device because it’s so tiny and easy to tuck away in a drawer. On its other end, it has a cutter for opening.

I initially purchased a cordless bag sealer, but it did not work for me. So for a few bucks more, I decided to give this one a try. The teal color is really pretty. It definitely works, even on the thickest of bags. For smaller snack bags, you just hold it down once and you’re done. I kind of find it to be fun.

This little iron is very handy. I preheat it about one minute. As you can see , you can seal easily and fast. You might think this is hard to seal with short iron; however, you just need to fold the bag just I did.The main reason I wanted something like this is that I often buy fancy crackers or nuts for cheeseboards and by the time I have my next party the items have gone stale... this is a way to really save on those and keep the fresh in between parties! I love it!