I am a laid-back free spirit (a.k.a. borderline messy!). With this bed bedside storage bag, I decluttered the top of my nightstand.I put the back of the bag under the mattress, so I can reach down for my latest magazine, reading glasses, ipad,etc. It's convenient to put magazine in the bed bedside storage bag before go to bed without getting up and putting it on the table.I can easily record all my dreams before getting out of bed when I wake up . 
Don't worry that it can't take on so many things.This is lightweight yet solidly constructed. The bed bedside storage bag is made of thick, reinforced felt, with faux-leather trim, and it has multiple pockets in 5 sizes/depths. It’s soft and I don’t worry about it scratching my phone screen or tablet.
I also put one on my sofa.I like the color and how much it frees up on my bedside table!!!